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Love exploring different types of biryani? You must treat yourself to a feast from The The Biryani Experiment. We have infused the legendary biryani with unique flavours from around the world, for a one-of-a-kind taste. Go on, give in to the calls of indulgence!

Uncovering a

New Biryani Experience

Regionally inspired

Hidden gems and biryani flavours from regions around the world.

Individually crafted

Each biryani has been specially crafted to give you the biryani experience.

Dum cooked

Our biryanis are atta sealed and slow cooked to infuse flavours from spices.

Served in sun-dried areca

We serve our biryanis in locally sourced sun dried areca palm leaf boxes.

Timeless Classics

Nizam's Veg Dum Biryani

A satisfying medley of Hyderabadi spices, marinated vegetables and aromatic rice.

Nizam's Mutton Dum Biryani

The legendary biryani, made with our treasured Hyderabadi spice mix.

Exotic Tastes

Afghani Paneer Biryani

Enjoy this exotic biryani feast, starring layers of Afghani spices.

Afghani Chicken Biryani

Our secret Afghani spice gravy makes this biryani a royal treat for the senses.

Persian Chicken Biryani

A majestic biryani experience underscored by an exotic Persian spice blend.

Signature Experiments

Malabar Chicken Biryani

A Kerala speciality, made by blending black pepper and other regional spices.

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Mahesh Kumar,

It was a good meal. Moreover, the packaging was plastic free which is a very good initiative.

Ranjini Menon,

Loved the authenticity you bring to the biryani. It was well balanced with spices and flavour, packed in a bamboo container, it was a really unique experience.

Nikhil Ranjan,

Excellent flavour and succulent pieces of chicken.