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We are romantics of two different times.
The past, and the present.

We live for the sense of thrill and the unexpected, but savour the feeling of warmth and familiarity.

This is why we are called the Khichdi Experiment.

We infuse the old and comforting with the new and the exciting.

In short, Khichdi Experiment is a concoction that always feels like,

kuch apna, kuch naya.


Khichdi Experiment?

20 Unique &
Exciting Flavours

The same khichdi you know and love, in a different avatar

Wholesome &

Provides the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins and essential nutrients

Top Rated

Rated 4.5/5 across food delivery platforms

Highest Safety

Stringent safety & hygiene practices at our kitchens


From the kitchen to your doorstep, your khichdi travels in a carefully sealed box

Reimagining Khichdi



Cheesy Italian Khichdi

Khichdi made with exotic veggies, topped with grated cheese and season to perfection.

Chicken Mexican Khichdi

Savour an array of Mexican flavours in this khichdi with succulent red chicken and spices.

Smoked Chicken Sausage Khichdi

A desi-style Spanish paella made with dal khichdi and smoked chicken sausages.



Masala Quinoa Khichdi

A yummy yet healthy khichdi made with white quinoa, brown rice and millets.

Spinach Multigrain Khichdi

Dal khichdi made from healthy grains meets the secret to Popeye's power: spinach!

7 Grain & Vegetable Khichdi

Indulge in khichdi made from seven wholesome grains along with assorted vegetables.

Indian Fusion


Mumbai Pav Bhaji Khichdi

Khichdi's take on Pav Bhaji. Immediately takes you back to the streets of Bombay.

Bengali Panch Phoran Khichdi

A khichdi that brings the spicy edge of Bengal to your palate.

Palak Paneer Khichdi

Khichdi made with the freshest spinach and luscious paneer.

Khichdi Experiment


Alekhya Chakraborty,

I was a little under weather & ordered Bangla Panch Poran khichdi, as I craved for something familiar from back home in Kolkata, and it did live up to my expectations. Thank you & keep up the great work!

CP Gurnani,
CEO tech Mahindra

My comfort food is Khichdi, the Indian Risotto. and 5 amazing variations of humble khichdi was a gastronomic delight.

Rakesh Bathini,

The khichdi is really delicious. With the Chef Note in the order, it felt like a real person is serving food. Great Personalization!

Ravish Malhotra,

Lately, this place has become my favourite. It is now my go-to option whenever I am in search of something comforting. They have an amazing array of khichdis available, most of which I never even heard of.