While food hasn't been identified as a source of COVID-19 transmission, we're taking utmost precautions to make sure that we bring safe & hygienic food to your table.

You're in

Safe Hands

with us

Take a look at how we leave no stone unturned in ensuring food safety & hygiene.


  • Daily sanitisation of kitchen floor & cookware
  • Sanitisation of cooking equipment every 2 hours
  • Cleansing of kitchen table tops every hour


  • Mandatory use of gloves, masks & uniforms
  • Health certificate to be produced by every kitchen member
  • Daily temperature screening of kitchen staff
  • Repeated washing of hands every 30 minutes

Raw Material
Storage Protocols

  • Frozen products are stored at less than -18°C
  • Chilled products are stored at 1°C to 4°C
  • Ambient products are stored in a clean, dry place between 15°C & 25°C
  • Temperatures above 35°C are avoided for storage

Food & Grocery

  • Food handling only with gloves and masks
  • Quarantine & sanitisation of all grocery packs
  • Sanitisation and pressure washing of perishables/veggies

Safe Cooking

  • All food is cooked at temperatures above 95°C
  • Food is packed and sealed at temperatures over 85°C
  • We inform users to consume food within 4 hours

Secure &
Robust Packaging

  • Food is safely packed in tamper-proof containers
  • Each package contains a seal of assurance
  • Use of recyclable materials as much as possible


  • Prior sanitisation of container trucks and vehicles
  • Regular sanitisation of food holding crates and containers
  • All food is only transported in waterproof packaging


  • We follow contactless delivery as much as possible
  • Social distancing will be observed while delivering items that must be handed over
  • No delivered item will be carried back to the kitchen

Our 8-step Manifesto For

Food Handling

We proudly present our 8-step manifesto for the manufacturing, distribution and delivery of food, drafted in partnership with the Government of India. This manifesto is now the Standard Operating Procedure for the safer handling of food production and delivery, across the nation.